Friday, 31 March 2017

Massive Book Prizes to be won


Before we proceed, please take a few moments to read through this information from a Gofundme page, set up by Scottish author - Kyle M Scott:

Kyle is a friend of mine and a well respected author within the independent writing community. Upon reading his story, it was a no-brainer for me to make a donation to his cause, but my humble offering was barely enough to make a dent in the cost of a transatlantic plane ticket. As a father myself, I couldn't begin to comprehend the torture that he must be enduring. I wished I could have done more.

Then, I had an idea.

I decided to reach out to my friends and peers in the independent horror writing community with a view to raise funds to donate to his cause. The idea was simple. I asked whether any author's would be willing to contribute a book of theirs, either a paperback or ebook to collated as a prize for readers to enter into a draw.

The response was phenomenal.

I was truly blown away by the immediate show of hands that responded to my appeal. Not only were these authors kind enough to donate their work, in cases there were multiple prizes offered. It's truly an inspiring show of respect, admiration and generosity of people within this community for one of their own. Upon review of the total number of books collected, we decided that there was a big enough prize to be split randomly into three equal winning prizes.

Now, this is where you, as a  reader can play your part. To enter this draw, and for your chance to win one of these three massive prizes, the instructions are simple.

1. Go to Kyle's Gofund me page here :

2. Donate to his fund, either £1 or $1 depenadant upon your location.

3. Comment on your pledge with 'Give me the books.'

4. Share this blog post.

And that's it.

We will be running this competition for two months. The cut off point for entry will be 31st May 2017, at which point every name that has donated will be entered into a random name generator and THREE winners will be drawn at random. Once the winners are chosen, we will organise distributing the prizes directly.

As well as the potential of winning a fantastic prize, you have the chance to be a part of something that could really affect the lives of this man and his young daughter. Please donate, and please share. Let's get this thing all over Facebook and Twitter. Lets see if together, we can smash a massive hole in that target!!

So, what are the prizes that are up for grabs? They are listed below. Any other authors who wish to donate further to this prize, please contact me.

Signed paperbacks of Meat & The Dark Place by Michael Bray.
Signed paperback copies of Charlotte, Awakening, All or Nothing, Three's Company, Whispers 1 to 3, Outbreak, Gemini, Cine and Grin by Stuart Keane.
Ebook copies of Evil Embrace collection and TWENTY mystery titles exclusive to this event by Ian Woodhead.
Signed paperbacks of The Human Undead War I and II by Jonathan Ondrashek.
Signed paperbacks of Class Three, Prime Direcetive and Hexagram by Duncan Bradshaw.
Signed paperbacks of GodBomb and Breaking Point by Kit Power.
Signed paperback of Under the Red Meadow by Rich Hawkins.
Signed copy of Z Claus by Marc Moore.
Signed paperback copy of The Hobbsburg Horror by Thomas  Flowers III
Signed paperback of National Emergency by James Jobling.
Signed paperbacks of Dr. Blessing and the Seance by Jack Rollins.
Signed paperback of Every Twisted Thought, Audiobooks of Life to Waste and Keith, and ebook copies of Twisted Shorts and A Taste of Fear by Andrew Lennon.
Signed Paperback of The Tower and the Eye, and ebook copies of The Heir of the Dragon, Darkness in Mind, Blossom and Kitsune, and The Necklace of Harmony by Mandy Ward.
Signed paperbacks of Wind Up Toy, Broken Plaything and Chaos Rising by David Owain Hughes.
Signed paperbacks of The Exchange and Punch by JR Park.
Signed paperbacks of Celebrity Hell House, Larry, Larry II, The Marionnettiste of Versaille, and Peter Crombie, Teenage Zombie by Adam Millard.
Ebook copies of Dobson Lane and Skee-Bo by Dale Robertson.
Signed paperbacks of Mr. Robespierre and Maldicion by Daniel Marc Chant
Signed paperback of Driftwood From the Specific by Tony Gilbert.
Signed paperbacks of The Grays Anatomy and Life With Boris Karloff by Rob Shepherd.
Signed paperback of I Am Karma, and ebook copy of VS by Dawn Cano.
Signed paperback of The Shadow Fabric by Mark Cassell.
Signed copies of Hellspawn and Infernal by Ricky Fleet.
Signed copies of Tales of Blood and Sulphur, Peace and Quiet, Time and Space and a rare first edition of Tales by JG Clay
Signed paperback of The Doors by Alice J Black
Signed copy of Woom by Duncan Ralston
Ebook copies of Even Hell Has Standards - Pride and Wrath by Chantal Noordeloos
Signed paperback copies of Amnesia, Jeremy, Gemini, and Bound by Matt Hickman
A limited first edition Signed paperback of Subterrestrial by Michael McBride (Donated by Becky Narron)
Signed paperback copies of Nick & Abe, and VS by Lex Jones

Again, please a pledge of £1/$1 will get you entered for a chance to win, and please share with everyone.


Matt Hickman


  1. Lobbed a tenner Kyle's way, Matt.

  2. Glad you got involved Matt. You're a good friend. Absolutely right about if it were our own children.

  3. How do I give a $1???

    Great work, as always, dud. Love the picture.